De Slag om Bourtange - 25 t/m 27 april 2008

In het noord-oosten van Nederland ligt het vestingstadje Bourtange. Om de 2 jaar kun je in de vesting en in het omliggende gebied opnieuw worden geconfronteerd met soldaten en burgers uit de tijd van Napoleon Bonaparte. De vesting is opnieuw in Franse handen en wordt belegerd door de geallieerde troepen tijdens De Slag om Bourtange anno 1814.

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Artist at work

Friday afternoon

All around the fire

The center of Bourtange at fridaynight

Coffee please

More coffee please

The 7th of line leaves town

Neighbours, the 3ème Régiment Grenadiers à Pied de la Garde Imperiale

127ème Regiment d'Infantrie de Ligne

Bivouac 85ème Regiment d'Infantrie de Ligne


Enemy campsite outside Bourtange

The Dutch bivouac

Nice vieuw, Bourtange anno 1814 or 2008?

The Horsemill


Not a horse for a ride


Orders for the day from sergeant Willie

Enemy cavalry in the camp!

Present for morning excercise

Pierre with l'Aigle of the 85ème

Sergeant Willie and a fusilier in trouble at the background.

8ème demi Brigade

Grenadier and Douanier

At the square

105ème Régiment d'Infantrie de Ligne

Waiting for the opening ceremony


Pipers of the 42nd

Mr. Pete Catley

This is not a veteran

A lot of French

85ème , 105ème and 127ème

Equipage "De Delft".

RA Naarden and Austrian Cuirrassiers

getting ready for battle

Civilian spectators


Fhe French artillery

Saturday's battle begins...


The British Dragoons open the ball

Followed by the Austrian Cuirrassiers

2e Noord-Nederlandse Battalion Grenadier Compagnie

The Régiment

The Garde


Wavering line....

Damn Dragoons again

the Dutch line, 27th Jagers, 7e Infantrie van Linie en 5e Nationale Militie.

85éme in square at the waterfront holding the Dragoons of!

The French final attack

85ème landing party?

Prussian Infantry

The Prussians are forced back by a combined bajonet charge

Tey are also in trouble

The French commander accepts the surrender of the Allies

Friends on a horseback

6e Regiment Huzaren van Boreel