De Slag om Bourtange - 25 t/m 27 april 2008

serie 1 - serie 2

85ème guard dog

Fieldhospital in Bourtange

The first wounded are brought in.

the Docter at work


Is he dead?

Le Lieutenant

The sun of Austerlitz in Bourtange

Sunset at Bourtange

Sundaymorning at the campfire

Leaving for the battlefield

Waiting for the battle at sunday to start

l'Aigle du 85ème Regiment d'Infantrie de Ligne

Sebastiaan was to late again

The waiting troops

Here we go again!

The 2 squares of the 8éme Demi

The square of the 85ème

The 3ème Grenadiers arrive

Falling morale?

Allied landing party!

Sharpshooter of the Equipage

The Demi Brigade attacks the landingzone

The British Dragoons attack the 8ème at the landingzone

Sink that boat!

Taking cover